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Shenzhen Decard Smartcard Tech Co., ltd has focused on top smart card & technology products over 20 years in China. We started as a small operation, but now have become one of the leading suppliers in the mobile payment industry in China. Today, Decard develops a wide range of high quality smart card reading/writing devices, bus validator, RFID card reader, NFC card reader and related products and distributes them worldwide. Decard also offers customization for some of these products, to meet specific needs of customers. For better service, Decard has 15 R&D, and after- sale service centers across China. Being a renowned brand in domestic IC card industry, Decard’ products are compliant with major industrial standards, ensuring safe and compatible operations, applies its smart technology and expertise to develop an end-to-end and scalable automatic fare collection (AFC) solution for micro payment operations, including bus, rail, ferry, road toll, parking, fastfood and convenience stores, and vending systems.
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  • linux bus valiator NFC bus card reader with QR code P18
  • Metro Ticketing System RFID tag/ Reader  T200 Metro Ticketing System RFID tag/ Reader with Qr code scanner T200
  • Desktop Biometric Smart Card Reader D8FI Desktop Biometric Smart Card Reader D8FI
  • USB NFC card reader D8N USB EMV NFC card reader D8N
Products categories
Shenzhen Decard Smartcard Tech Co,ltd, develops and provides a wide range of high quality smart card reader module, PC-linked card reader, mobile card reader, bus validator,metro smart card reader, bus validator,and contactless payment terminals .
  • Smart Card Reader Module
    Smart Card Reader Module
    Smart card reader module series, easy to integrate for kiosks, vending machines, terminals etc
  • PC-Linked Card Reader
    PC-Linked Card Reader
    Bus Validator,is a Linux system with QR code, that supports 4G/ 3G ,wifi , Ethernet, data, and to be applied in Smart Card Validation, Station Platforms, Travel Card Reload, Point of sale sites, Onboard buses, trains and trams
  • Bus Validator
    Bus Validator
    Contactless payment terminal, wireless terminal solutions, Barcode/NFC/RFID Ticket Validator with Linux
  • Mobile Card Reader
    Mobile Card Reader
    PC linked card reader, easy to install, use and integrate in the computer-based environment, support RFID, chip Mag stripe card reading/ writing.
  • Contactless Payment Terminal
    Contactless Payment Terminal
    Mobile card reader is standalone card reader, support RFID, Chip card reading/ writing with Bluetooth, makes payment anywhere possible,works with iOS & Android
  • Pinpad Card Reader
    Pinpad Card Reader
    Pinpad card reader ,a Pin Pad entry device is ideal for PIN entry PIN change, connects with computer environment. It supports RFID/ NFC,chip, Magnetic card reader.
  • Good Quality

    CE,ROHS, EMV , IP 54, paypass, paywave, ISO14001 certified
  • Customer Centered

    OEM, ODM support,24 hours online service
  • Sample Service

    Encourage customers to test samples before purchasing,free samples are possible. We promise we will test samples carefully before shipping. We provide 12 months guarantee
  • Quick delivery

    Fast service and online delivery in 48 hours
Latest Projects
Shenzhen Decard smartcard Tech Co.,ltd, is an experienced manufacturer of RFID/NFC/magnetic card reader ,and bus validator since 1999 .We are devoted to offer smart card reader/writer,bus validator with top quality, highly security to the banking, retails,telecomunication and transport sectors in regional and worldwide market.
P18 bus validator use in Tibet P18 bus validator use in Tibet
P18 bus validator use in Tibet
More than 10,000 PCS P18 bus validator are applied in Tibet in July 2018.More than 10,000 PCS P18 bus validator are applied in Tibet in July 2018.P18 bus validator, is Linux Bus Validator for Automati...
P18 bus validator use in Xi'an P18 bus validator use in Xi'an
P18 bus validator use in Xi'an
The 3000 PCS P18 bus validator are be installed in Xi an in March, 2018.P18 bus validator, Support RFID Card Transportation GPS Ticket Card Bus Validator with 5 Sam Slots.
Z90 use Z90 use
Z90 use
Z90 all in one card reader, applied in Canton nursing home in July, 2018.Z90 supports RFID, contact, contact less card reading ,that means, you can hold social insurance card for payment anywhere, it ...
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